Campo Bello – an Intel Math School

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Intel Math helps K-8 teachers deepen their understanding of mathematics through problem solving. The Intel Math program is an 80-hour professional development course focused on having practicing mathematicians and educators collaboratively teaching math to our resident Campo Bello teachers.

The program is grounded in a problem-solving approach to topics such as integer arithmetic, the decimal number system, place value, rational number arithmetic, rates, linear equations, and functions. Connections are made throughout the course as multiple representations of solutions are examined with each problem.

After completing this program, research shows that Intel Math substantially improves K-8 teachers' computational skills, conceptual understanding of math, and their confidence as math teachers.

One teacher at every grade level at Campo Bello, as well as the Math Specialist, will concentrate on learning and teaching math using progressive approaches. Campo Bello also utilizes technology to support student learning, such as providing iPads and Chromebooks for students in the classroom.

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