Campus Visit Procedures

Visitors and Volunteers

State law requires visitors to first report to the school office, sign the register and obtain a visitors badge. Please use only the front entrance of the school at all times. Office staff is unable to retrieve items after a teacher has secured the classroom for the day. Forgotten books, homework, and personal items cannot be retrieved until the next school day.

Student pick-up/ drop-off procedures

At the end of the day, students will not be exiting through the main lobby. Students that walk or are picked up by you will be exiting their prospective hallways. Kindergartners will be picked up on the Kindergarten playground outside classrooms 208 or 209. Your classroom teacher will let you know specifically which room. First and second graders will exit the southeast door. Fourth, Fifth and multi-age class students will exit the northeast doors and sixth graders will exit their building and walk past the car pick-up area on the north side of the building. We are asking that you wait outside the building for your students. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Car drop-off and pick-up is on the north side of the building, along Grovers. It is essential that you pull all the way forward when dropping off and picking up your child(ren). This helps the flow of traffic. Please refrain from parking on Grovers and walking to pick up your children. This slows down the flow of traffic and increases the risk of a student injury. Thank you!

District transportation