About Cactus View Elementary

The Cactus View Community promotes a safe and positive environment for all students while developing excellence in academics, technology, physical well-being, the arts and citizenship.

We recognize that each child is unique and that it is our responsibility as educators to meet the needs of all children. We use a variety of teaching strategies to ensure the learning success of all our students. We work and plan as a grade level and professional educators, using district-adopted textbooks and additional enrichment materials to teach Arizona State Standards.

At Cactus View, students have respect, outstanding character, take personal responsibility, and make safe choices.

Open Enrollment

Continue your child's journey of excellence by open enrolling. Open Enrollment is a process allowing parents or guardians to apply for admission to any public school, as long as there is classroom space available. Parents and guardians often choose to open enroll their children in PVSchools for various reasons, including the unique and innovative award-winning programs, teaching philosophy, extracurricular activities, and more.

For more information on the open enrollment process, to include early bird open enrollment information, visit the PVSchools Open Enrollment webpage.

Grade Level Capacity Open Enrollment
01 100 Open
02 104 Open
03 81 Open
04 116 Open
05 90 Open
06 90 Open
KG 69 Open
SPED Resource 75 Closed
CABS/SC 36 Closed

*The chart above reflects the capacity for the current school year. For the following school year, all grade levels are accepting open enrollment applications unless otherwise stated.  
**A specialized program that is designated closed for the current school year will remain closed for the following school year unless otherwise stated. Students interested in being put on the waitlist should complete an Open Enrollment application.

See Our 2021-2022 Parent-Student Handbook

English Parent-Student Handbook

Spanish Parent-Student Handbook "Manual para Padres y Alumnos"

School Council

Meetings will take place on the last Monday of every month in our library from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

See more information about our most current meeting minutes and members.

Please contact our office or refer to our Parent-Student Handbook for more information; join our School Council today!


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