Dress, Conduct and Appearance for all Students, Staff and Parents

Keeping in mind that our manner of dress is often a reflection of the respect and attitude we have about ourselves and those around us, we ask parent and students to support us in the belief that you need to dress appropriately for the situation.  Student dress, personal appearance, or conduct shall not disrupt nor distract from instructional procedures, school sanctioned social functions, or the disciplinary control of the teachers.  Clothing should not be hazardous to the health and safety of the student or disrupt or distract from the educational program.  If the school deems that the attire does not meet this standard, the student will be required to change. 

In addition, for reasons of safety and modesty, please follow these guidelines:

  • All students must wear footwear (no flip-flops, open-toed shoes or shoes with wheels will be worn) due to safety insurance liability issues. 

  • Hats may be worn to and from school and at recess as long as they are worn correctly.  (i.e., baseball visors should shade the face)  All hats must be removed from the head when entering the building.

  • Hair color should be a natural color (blonde, brunette, natural red).

  • When earrings are worn, they should be the post type.

  • No other face or body piercings allowed.

  • No spaghetti strap shirts/dresses (straps must be a minimum of two adult fingers wide) unless worn over another T-shirt or under a jacket.

  • No strapless tops.

  • Make-up is not allowed.

  • Chains or spikes of any kind are not permitted.

  • Garments promoting alcohol, illegal substances, tobacco, sexual connotations and violence are not permitted.

  • Shirts must cover waistline of shorts, slacks and skirts with no midriff or back skin showing at anytime.  Any attire that is sexually suggestive, or extremely brief or tight is prohibited.  No see-through blouses or shirts (unless they have a shirt underneath), half-shirts or halter tops, over-sized tank tops, T0shirts with vulgar or violent language or pictures. 

  • Shorts and skirts must pass the "hand rule" which means no shorter than where the student's longest finger touches the leg when the arm is hanging straight down.

  • Necklines may be no lower than the width of the hand when measured from bottom of the neck or collarbone. 

  • No attire that exposes the navel or clothing that exposes the undergarments (such as sagging pants), or boxer shorts.

  • No baggy or oversized clothing (pants must be worn at waist level).

Dress code violations will lead to the following (depending on the severity of the infraction):

  1. Conference with student

  2. Call home

  3. Visit nurse for appropriate clothes (which will need to be returned clean)

Thank you for your cooperation!