At Boulder Creek Elementary School (BCES), we provide high-quality, appropriate and rigorously challenging instruction to students by planning focused lessons using the Arizona State Standards, Core Knowledge® content and prescriptive reading and writing instruction as outlined in Arizona Learns legislation and No Child Left Behind federal legislation.

The learning environment is productive and safe for children. Boulder Creek has the anti-bullying and anti-violence PAWS Citizenship Program in place and the All Things EQ program assists students in building character in the areas of responsibility, fairness, citizenship, caring, trustworthiness and respect.

Average class size is 26, and special area classes include art, P.E., media, music and technology. Students have daily access to laptops in the classroom, as well as, a Maker Space lab for whole classroom use with the teacher and a computer lab where they receive technology lessons. The teachers also have weekly access to technology carts (iPads and computers) to use in their classrooms.  They also can participate on campus through Community Education in sports club, drama, Zoo Lab, cheer, Lego® engineering, creative arts.  

Boulder Creek has an A rating from the Arizona Department of Education's AZ Learns Spring 2013 AIMS scores. All students are counted in the data that determines our school grade. All students at Boulder Creek get an "A" education on the AZ-2010 and Common Core Standards and all have been measured to have shown growth in learning (Regular Education, Special Education, and English Language Learners)

Boulder Creek Elementary School is proud of the quality of education students receive and the positive learning climate of the school. The school is known for its exceptional staff and students, and is a great place to learn.

It is far better to be a Boulder Creek student than to compete against one.  Students are challenged to learn and achieve through large group, small group and individual instruction.  Students are cognitively engaged in learning by our teachers. One hundred percent of our teachers are Highly Qualified and Appropriately Certified, 50 percent of them have a master's degree or higher, and 80 percent have been part of Boulder Creek for at least five years.

Boulder Creek is a community tucked at the base of The Foothills separated by Cave Creek Road and the 101 freeway.  This natural isolation brings families together as a close-knit community.  The school brings families together through education and activities.

Boulder Creek Elementary students feed into Mountain Trail Middle School and Pinnacle High School. For information regarding either of these schools, please visit their websites. Visit Mountain Trail's website. Visit Pinnacle's website.

Boulder Creek Elementary School Profile

School Colors: Teal, Black & Tan
School Motto: Cultivating World-Class Thinkers
School Opened: 1996
Grade Levels: Kindergarten -Sixth Grade
Core Knowledge® School
PAWS Citizenship Program

"Be PAWSitively Kind!"