Boulder Creek—a PAWSitively Kind School

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

At Boulder Creek, we are PAWsitively Kind.  Meaning, we are Polite, Accountable, Wise, and Safe.  (PAWS).  

The PAWsitively Kind Citizenship Program

Kindness and citizenship are lessons that are just as beneficial as reading, writing and math. The PAWsitively Kind Citizenship Program was established to help foster these qualities in our students.

The Benefits of Kindness

Kindness promotes self-esteem and a sense of well-being. It increases levels of happiness and encourages peer acceptance. It also plays an important role in learning, by improving a student’s attention span and enabling more creative thinking, which leads to better results in the classroom.

The Qualities of Citizenship

It’s important to encourage our students to grow into good citizens. Part of this is reminding students that they have a voice, and encouraging them to use it to bring about positive change. The virtues of citizenship include honesty, loyalty, self-control and public spirit.

There are clear and concise expectations for students within all areas of the building that match our PAWS framework.  Teachers will be continually teaching and positively reinforcing these expectations. Students can receive PAWS tickets for meeting and surpassing our expectations.  

If expectations are not being met, there will be a tiered system for all staff to follow with common vocabulary and actions.