iPad and Technology Agreement

Boulder Creek Elementary School students will be using iPads/Chromebooks in the classroom as a powerful teaching tool. Much like a textbook, students in grades 3-6 will individually "check out" an iPad or a Chromebook for in-school use.  Additionally, iPads and/or Chromebooks will be available in primary classrooms for student use. Students and teachers will be using the iPads as tools, textbooks, planners, word processors, and more. While students will not take the iPad home, they will have access to work at home via the PV Learners "Cloud". We continue to innovate at Boulder Creek, and this iPad/Chromebook initiative is no exception.

Please read the iPad and Technology Use Policy to review expectations for students when using the iPads and Chromebooks in their classrooms.

iPad and Technology Use Policy

Bring Your Own Technology Agreement (4-6 grades only)

In addition, students in grades 4-6 may choose to bring their own iPad to use in the classroom.  If you and your child choose to have them bring their personal device to school (only for classroom use) please sign the Bring Your Own Technology Agreement and turn it into your teacher before bringing your device to school. 

Bring Your Own Technology Agreement