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PVCC Early College

PVCC College Navigation Specialists

PVCC (Paradise Valley Community College) provides PVSchools the support of three PVCC College Navigation Specialists.

The specialists are shared throughout all our high schools, supporting students 9th through 12th grade. They provide students with PVCC enrollment information, college application assistance, FAFSA support, and early college program guidance.

PVCC College Navigation Specialist Profiles

Cindy Madris Headshot

Cindy Madris

Schools of Service:

  • North Canyon
  • Pinnacle

Contact Information:

Taylor Stupka Smiling While Sitting At Desk

Taylor Stupka

Schools of Service:

  • Paradise Valley
  • PVOnline
  • Sweetwater

Contact Information:

Demetria Shepherd Headshot

Demetria Shepherd

Schools of Service:

  • Shadow Mountain
  • Horizon

Contact Information:

PVCC Early College Programs