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Mandarin Immersion Program

PVSchools students in our Mandarin Immersion classrooms, are fully immersed in the rich language and culture of China.
The structured school day is thoughtfully designed to ensure that students spend 50% of their time learning subjects in English and the other half of the instructional day learning subjects in Mandarin.
Mandarin Chinese prepares children to be globally competitive and ready for 21st-century success. It is spoken by one-sixth of the world's population in one of the world's strongest economies. The US State Department has identified it as one of 13 languages in high demand.

What Parents Have to Say

My daughter loves this program! She is engaged in her learning and is excited to go to school every day. Her teachers are dedicated professionals who have fostered her academic growth in all subject areas. We are so fortunate to have this high-quality program available to us in our neighborhood school!"
– Nancy Spencer, mother of a 2nd grader.

I feel that having our children in a Mandarin immersion program is helping them to be better prepared to compete in the global economy. I have loved watching my daughter’s competency in speaking and understanding Mandarin grow year after year and feel it will be a huge advantage to learn a second language at such a young age.”
– Sean Herd, parent of a 2nd grader and 5th grader.