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Dual Language Immersion

Male Elementary Student Points To Mandarin Characters On Easel  In Class

PVSchools offers two incredible immersion programs, Spanish and Mandarin, to all our students. Our selective schools have proven to be the ideal environment for students to thrive in their language studies.

We strongly believe that starting foreign language instruction at an early age is crucial for students to achieve advanced proficiencies in one or more languages. Young learners possess a remarkable ability to develop near-native pronunciation and intonation in a new language. Moreover, studies have shown that students who learn a foreign language reap cognitive benefits that extend to other subjects.

Through our immersion programs, students demonstrate higher mental flexibility on tasks, problem-solving skills, and impeccable communication skills. Being bilingual enhances opportunities in numerous fields including government, business, law, medicine, teaching, technology, the military, communications, industry, social service, and marketing.

We provide our students with the tools for success in our ever-increasingly diverse world.

Mandarin Immersion Teacher Kneels Next To Young Student And Talks To Class