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Elementary Athletics

Elementary physical education lays the foundation for students to learn to become fit and healthy for life, while fostering enjoyment of physical activity and healthier eating habits.

PVSchools provides physical education in grades K-6. Many of our schools feature a mind-body philosophy as part of an all-school special area of emphasis.

Physical education also helps children become better learners. Research suggests that PE improves concentration and helps reduce stress. Learning team activities can also help students strengthen peer relationships.

For more information specific to each school, we invite you to visit or call the school and talk with your principal.

Student Insurance

We offer K&K Insurance to all students who participate in athletic activities.

Register for K&K Insurance

Physical Education Goals for Students

  • Be involved in activities that allow for personal success.
  • Allow for a varied and broad curriculum.
  • Develop basic safety skills and attitudes.
  • Develop a positive self-concept.
  • Development of social skills.
  • Develop skills and understandings for leisure and life time activities.
  • Develop an awareness for health and wellness concepts.

Physical Education Curriculum By Grade