•  New Gifted Preschool opportunities for your 4-year-old at PVSchools

Gifted Preschool opportunities for your 4-year-old

Gifted Preschools at PVSchools

  • PVSchools is one of the nation’s few public school districts to offer Gifted Preschool programs.
    The Gifted Preschool program is available at Desert Trails, Desert Cove, Fireside and North Ranch elementary schools.  
    Class size for the Gifted Preschool programs is limited to 22 students, and classes are taught by teachers who are Early Childhood Certified and hold a Gifted Endorsement.

    We have established our Gifted Preschool programs to make sure that 4-year-old advanced learners can experience a challenging curriculum and innovative instruction. It's designed to help them thrive academically and socially with their peers. The program provides accelerated learning opportunities, embeds critical and creative thinking processes and integrates technology into the students' daily instruction.

    The program is tuition-based and is open to children across the Valley.

    Space is Limited. Enroll Today! 

What our parents say

  • "I cannot believe how much my daughter has grown academically and emotionally. I absolutely love this program and feel very grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to be a part [of it]."
    - Dana Salt, parent.

Want a first-hand experience of a gifted preschool?

PVSchools Gifted Preschool advantages

    • Classes limited to 22 students
    • Early Childhood Certified & Gifted Endorsed teachers
    • Technology-infused learning experience
    • Accelerated learning opportunities 
    • Available to students Valley-wide


  • Applying to Gifted Preschool at PVSchools


    1. Testing

      Your child must be identified as gifted. Subsidized IQ testing can be taken at PVSchools or parents can opt to test their child independently with a trained psychologist. Testing at PVSchools takes place during spring and summer before the school year commences.


    2. Apply

      Submit an application form to the PVSchools Gifted Department. If your child has been accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance from PVSchools.


    3. Register

      Register and submit fee payment to PVSchools Community Education with a copy of the letter of acceptance.