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The New!

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Over a year in the making, with input from families and staff, the new is live!

PVSchools is proud to announce the launch of our new network of websites, a collection of school and district sites to assist families on their journey of excellence. This new online experience includes improved search (now called, "Find it Fast"), more intuitive navigation, mobile-friendly webpages and features, subscriptions to district and school news, a new eFlyers section, and so much more!

*Improvements will continue to be made over the summer, we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

New Features

Find it Fast
The new search feature if called "Find it Fast," and it helps you do just that. Looking for information that you can't find within a couple of clicks? Search for it here. Find it Fast also includes quicklinks for school sites and district resources.

The PVSchools Flyer Partnership program has gone digital. Visit the new eFlyers section outside of the summer black-out period to see new flyers organized by age range and type of opportunity. 

Interested in receiving notifications for new school news posts? Click the orange bell icon while in the school news section. Generally, this icon is in the top right of the news content area. Are you looking for more curated content? Subscribe to the district or eFlyers newsletters! Keep your eye out for other subscription opportunities.

Spanish Translation
PVSchools is proud to announce that this website is also available in Spanish. To change the language you are viewing the website in, click the language icon in the bottom right of your browser window.

Navigating the New Websites

Overall Navigation
District and school sites use several categories to organize information. These categories include academics, programs, activities, families, community, and more. Navigation categories may vary based on the school site. These categories will stick to the top of your desktop browser to make navigating a school site more efficient.

Utility Navigation
Located at the top of the page on a dark gray banner, is the utility menu. This menu includes commonly searched for items like enrollment, the calendar, careers, and the new Find it Fast! 

Side Menus
Located on interior (past the homepage) pages, these side menus will take you deeper into the category of information you are looking for. 

Footer Links
Located at the bottom of the page, the footer of each site contains contact information as well as other helpful links.

Bookmarks and Hyperlinks

Because we have overhauled the way we organize content and information, links and bookmarks to pages on our previous website will no longer work. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but hope the new experience makes up for it!

Additional Information