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K-12 Supplemental Writing Adoption Committee Minutes - September 6, 2022

K-12 Supplemental Writing Adoption Committee Minutes - September 6, 2022

K-12 Supplemental Writing Adoption Committee Minutes - September 6, 2022

Attendees: Alexandra Arienna, Allison Law, Alexandra Bacon, Aubrey Singer, Jennifer / Scott Kroening, Danielle Sweet, Dan Courson, Elizabeth Leblanc, Emily Leigh, E Williamson, Laura Hill, Jennifer Martin, Jennifer Young, Joey Ruppel, Kevin Storey, Lissa Davis, Melisson Molzhon, Shelly Edgar, Sarah Platten, Stephaie Taueki, Sara Vesci

The committee reviewed earlier activities:  2 programs previously decided upon; there was a 60 day viewing for 3 programs that just ended:

  • Writing by Design - recommended to the Governing Board for purchase.

  • Step Up to Writing will be on the supplemental list that is recommended to the Governing Board. (Schools already using this would then be able to continue.)

The committee reviewed Community Comments for Materials on display: Noredink Premium, Units of Study, and Write from the Beginning…and Beyond.

All three comments were shared - all for Noredink Premium, all favorable from teachers.  One comment wondered if there was enough content for Grades 7-12 with not too much overlapping

Discussion ensued about grammar standards being unique to grade levels. We may need to have vertical articulation between grade levels regarding writing prompts.

Questions were raised about how schools will opt in, when the teachers will be trained and gain access, how long adoption will last, and what the process will be if another program comes out after this process and a school wants to use it. 

  • Principals will communicate with ELA teachers and decide whether to opt in after the Governing Board approves the programs. 
  • Teachers will have access as soon as the program is approved and paid for. We are trying to schedule training for December 6th. 
  • Adoption will be year to year for as long as we can sustain the budget.

  • If a school wants to use a new program, we would have to go through the supplemental writing committee process again to approve it. 

The Committee voted; 100% of Committee recommends Noredink Premium to the Governing Board for purchase by the district for schools wanting to opt in. Units of Study and Writing by Design…and Beyond were recommended to be added to the supplemental list that schools may continue using.

Next Steps: Present to the Board on 9/22/23; a decision will be made by the GB on 10/13/22. Materials will be ordered and training planned as soon as possible (hopefully for 12/6/22, the district Professional Development Day).

Action items:

  • Please consider joining us at the Governing Board Meetings on 9/22 and 10/13
  • Thank you for your time and commitment to PV students!

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