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Students Honored with 2024 Arts Proficiency Seal

Students Honored with 2024 Arts Proficiency Seal

The Arizona Department of Education has recently recognized the excellence of high school graduates who have excelled in a particular area of study with its Seals program. The highly coveted Arts Proficiency Seal is awarded to students who have achieved academic excellence in arts education and have completed a rigorous set of extracurricular activities and a Capstone project.

To earn the Arts Proficiency Seal, student artists must first complete four credits worth of qualifying arts courses while maintaining a minimum of 3.0 GPA, showcasing their consistent, outstanding academic performance.

Students are also required to engage in at least 80 hours of extracurricular activities in the arts fields. These activities allow them to gain practical experience, develop their creative thinking skills, and enrich their art history and cultural knowledge.

The most challenging component of the Arts Seal program, the Capstone project, serves as the final showcase of students' skills and achievements in the field of arts. This public exhibition of original artwork aims to demonstrate their ability to synthesize a wide range of artistic techniques and styles. The Capstone project also provides a fantastic opportunity for students to present their work to a broader audience and receive feedback as well as recognition.

All five PVSchools high schools have students receiving this distinguished honor.

The Arts Seal program has recognized high school student's academic excellence in art education and inspired and encouraged them to explore their artistic talents, gain practical experience, and develop their creative skills. The program has demonstrated that art education is a valuable and essential part of high school curricula, a field that requires students' hard work, discipline, and dedication.

PVSchools is very proud of these 86 individuals as well as their instructors!


Jaidyn Burgwald, SMHS

Alyssa Brinson, SMHS

Abigail Chenausky, SMHS

Hannah Gardner, SMHS

Olivia Garza-Reeves, SMHS

Brooklyn Heidenreich, SMHS

Isabelle Karapelou, SMHS

Ainslee Lindner, SMHS

Helena Peters, SMHS

Bridgette Rawlings, SMHS

Isabel Sparks, SMHS

Paige Steffen, SMHS

Maya Taylor, SMHS



Gianna Arrighi, PHS

Brodan Athearn, SMHS

Joseph Corrigan III, SMHS

Isis Delph, SMHS

Skylar Else, PHS

Shyla Gowda, PHS

Cambria Kautenburger, PVHS

Rachel McClurg, PHS

Jayden Michael, NCHS

Michal Molho, PHVS



Mica Alexander, SMHS

Alyson Alt, SMHS

Jasmine Barrs, SMHS

Bobbi Bingham, NCHS

Josephine Bradley, PHS

Sloan Clark, SMHS

Maximus DelGarbino, HHS

Ethan Doyle, SMHS

James Fields, PVHS

Sareena Gupta, PHS

Ava Hoelzen, PHS

Miya Jones, SMHS

Tatum Kee, NCHS

Alyvia Kurth, NCHS

Adalynn Leonard, HHS

Shea Lord, SMHS

Mya Matney, SMHS

Erika Miller, NCHS

Sophie Miller, PVHS

Cayley Pitblado, PVHS

Lucas Posner, PVHS

Claire Rankin, SMHS

Joseph Sandoval, NCHS

Jade Schouten, PHS

Ross Smith, NCHS

Colter Smitherman, PHS

Sarah Tankersley, NCHS

Ava Usher, PHS

Malena Wilson, PVHS

Kayla Wolfe, PHVS

Annelise Ybarra, PHS

Krystian Ziolkowski, PHS   


Visual Arts

Darko Araiza, SMHS

Patrick Bird, PHS

Hailey Carter, PHS

Dawsen Conedera, SMHS

Estella Doolan, PHS

Samuel Frade, PHS

Amber Gillen, SMHS

Wren Greer, SMHS

Olivia Hobrock, SMHS

Sydney Huleatt, SMHS

Roan Interpreter, SMHS

Cait Iseri-Ramos, SMHS

Amara Lee-Johnson, SMHS

Kristina Lesser, NCHS

Brooke Lutzel, PHS

Tristyn McCommas, SMHS

Megan McEntarffer, SMHS

Shelby Medina, SMHS

Kayla Miller, SMHS

Rylee Pfeiff, SMHS

Veronica Potter, PHS

Jazel Samawi, PHS

Jada Schlossmacher, PHS

Lillian Schmal, SMHS

Camryn Sinnwell, SMHS

Nicole Solomon, PHS

Joey Stallone, PHS

Stevie Stokes, PHS

Angelina Sulaiman, SMHS

Kinsey Todd, SMHS


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