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Life-Long Benefits of Dual Language Immersion Programs

Living in a world where two languages are spoken, read, and written in everyday life can have many advantages. Dual Language Immersion programs are designed to help children become multilingual, multiliterate, and multicultural. Students who attend Dual Language Immersion programs learn not only how to speak, write, and read but also celebrate their bilingualism by becoming fully immersed in both English and Mandarin or English and Spanish culture!

So if you want your child to be multilingual, PVSchools Dual Language Immersion programs can help make that happen! 

"Being multilingual opens up many life opportunities. As parents, we view language immersion education as a gift we can give our children. Schools that offer the unique opportunity to be immersed in Mandarin are few and far between, so we open enroll our children at Whispering Wind Academy. My children are gaining an appreciation for cultures beyond their own, and multilingualism provides cognitive benefits and challenges them. Watching them gain proficiency in a new language is nothing short of awe-inspiring," said Darla Schrock, parent.

PVSchools Dual Language Immersion Programs

Dual language immersion programs are becoming more popular in the United States. And parents want their children academically prepared with the 21st-century skill set to compete and succeed in a global marketplace. PVSchools students achieve this goal at the elementary, middle, and high school levels by becoming fluent in Mandarin or Spanish.

It's important to know that a dual language immersion program is a long-term commitment for students to be able to achieve high levels of academic and language proficiency," said Jessie Kinney-Alcazar, principal at Sandpiper Elementary School.

Mandarin Immersion Programs 

  • Whispering Wind Academy offers Mandarin Immersion to kindergarten through sixth-grade students. As an introduction to Mandarin, 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds attending the Montessori Preschool program receive 30 minutes of Mandarin instruction daily.
  • Middle school students can continue on the Mandarin Immersion pathway at Sunrise Middle School. 
  • High school students can further their Mandarin studies at a higher level at Horizon High School.

Spanish Immersion Programs

  • Sandpiper Elementary School offers Spanish Immersion to all pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade students.
  • Middle school students can continue on the Spanish Immersion pathway at Desert Shadows Middle School.
  • High school students can further their Spanish studies at a higher level by taking Honors 5-6 course level at Horizon High School.

Benefits of a Dual Language Immersion Program

Research attests to the development of academic achievement and language fluency by students who attend language immersion programs. Studies have also demonstrated that students achieve higher levels of language proficiency in the immersion program, develop greater cognitive flexibility, increased attention control, better memory, and superior problem-solving skills. 
Students develop full oral, reading, and writing proficiency in two languages.
Students not only achieve at levels similar to or higher than their peers enrolled in other programs on standardized tests of Reading and Math in English, but they can also read and write at grade level in another language. 
Students in a dual-language program develop positive attitudes about students of other language and cultural backgrounds and positive perspectives about themselves as learners. 

Simultaneously learning English and Mandarin or English and Spanish give students a competitive edge when applying for colleges and jobs later in life. What are you waiting for? Learn more about our Dual Language Immersion Programs.

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