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When Googling It Doesn’t Work: How to Help Students Learn

Friday , October 18 , 2019

While many schools offer before, during or after-school academic tutoring to help students learn who need more assistance, some schools do not have the resources to provide that service. That leaves parents with the decision of how and where to seek help for their child.

(Lorie) Fitzgerald turned to LearnerLink, which partners with school districts to provide quality certified teachers to help students with personalized learning in K-12 subject areas, skill development, enrichment and college prep through in-person interaction and online-learning opportunities.

Carly Brooks said she appreciates how math tutoring helped increase her daughter Maddison’s “confidence, as well as her skill, in the areas that she needed more attentive focus.”  

Maddison is in the dual-language program at Sandpiper Elementary School in Paradise Valley Unified School District and her math instruction is in Spanish.

“We love the school’s immersion program, but we wanted to be sure the math concepts were fully registering in her brain,” Brooks said.

“The pre- and post-assessment confirmed that our daughter was on track, but it also demonstrated the significant progress that she made during her sessions,” Brooks said. “The data was helpful for us as parents to know that the time and our investment was well-spent.”

Maddison said her tutor is nice, funny and helps her “to feel better about doing hard math problems. Also, she reminds me to check my work.” 

Excerpts taken from the AZED NEWS website. Read the full AZED NEWS article.

Visit Sandpiper Elementary School's website.