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Superintendent's Message - January 2021

Monday , January 04 , 2021

To say 2020 has been a challenging year for our students, families and staff would be an understatement. It is difficult to find words to express how grateful we are for the support, trust, patience and commitment we have received from our PVSchools community as we work to provide the best possible education for our students while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of the challenges we face, our goal will always be the same, to safely transition our students and staff to in-person learning as soon as possible.

After many conversations, in-depth reviews of the data and careful consideration, we will start the second semester using the virtual online learning model that is currently in place. We will continue this mode of learning while carefully monitoring the spread of the virus. We are committed to returning to in-person learning when students and staff can occupy our campuses with minimal health risk. With the vaccine on the way, along with public health mitigation protocols, we remain optimistic about the future for our students. While we anticipate this will allow students to return to in-person learning sooner, we understand community spread may require us to continue our virtual online learning model through the third quarter.

As I continue my listening tour, I learn more each day about the need to improve instruction while addressing student social and emotional needs. In addition, we acknowledge plans must be made for the spring and summer to address learning deficiencies that have been revealed during the pandemic. We are committed to spending the time and resources needed to address these items when we return from the winter break.

The CITYSunTimes published this message on its website on Jan. 2, 2021.