Public Schools Week 2021

A Spotlight on Public Schools Week

Monday , February 22 , 2021

Public Schools Week Making Connections

Public Schools Week, Feb. 22-26, is a national celebration to highlight the great things happening in our nation’s public schools, as well as bring attention to the critical issues facing our schools, students, and educators.

For more than a century, PVSchools has created a safe and encouraging learning environment for all students – from their first step into the classroom to their final walk at graduation. From our earliest beginnings with a one-room schoolhouse to more than 40 schools spread throughout North Phoenix and Scottsdale, PVSchools has responded to the changing times and needs of our students. 

Dedicated to the mission of cultivating, leading, and inspiring world-class, innovative thinkers, PVSchools continually adopts new and innovative curriculum programs to provide all students with access to engaging, real-world experiences. We provide a collaborative and inclusive culture to inspire, guide, challenge, and nurture students to ensure they gain the skills necessary to hone their talents, reach their goals and be well-prepared for the road ahead.

PVSchools would like to thank our staff members, parents, students, and community members for being our partners in public education.