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10 Campuses with Beautiful Murals

Wednesday , September 15 , 2021

If you were to travel from site to site in PVSchools, you'll come across a number of custom murals that will stop you in your tracks. To make it easier for you to view several of them at once, we have rounded up photos from 10 campuses that have amazing murals. In no particular order, those campuses are:

Shadow Mountain Art Mural | Woman By Tree

Shadow Mountain Art Mural | Tree On Top Of Books

Shadow Mountain High School

Last fall, Kimmie Brown and Eloise Rank painted these beautiful murals for their DAAPS and Spanish classrooms. These murals were part of their “DAAPSTONE” senior projects.


Mercury Mine Elementary School Miners Mural Indoors

Mercury Mine Elementary

Chris Lettieri painted this mural during the opening year of Mercury Mine in 1976-77. The mural depicts miners mining for…well, mercury! This is appropriate because the school was built near an old mercury mine. This 45-year-old mural definitely supports their motto, “We mine the promise of the future."


Copper Canyon Elementary Library Mural | Train And Important Writers And Characters

Copper Canyon Elementary

Sandra Keely painted this mural in 2005. It serves as a dedication to some of the great literary figures and characters of the past.


Horizon High School Mural On Glass Office | Colorful Pencils And Sun Rays

Horizon High School

Students in Ms. Brown’s art class created this back-to-school-themed mural. With the change of every season, they create a new mural with a different theme.


Larkspur Elementary Library Mural | Green Background With White Tree Branches

Larkspur Elementary Mural | Large Butterfly Beige Background

Larkspur Elementary

The staff of Larkspur painted these two murals. The large, green tree mural was painted by Alistair May, Larkspur art teacher, while Jamie Roberson, principal, painted the butterfly mural.


Sunset Canyon Elementary Ocean Creatures Mural

Sunset Canyon Elementary Mural | Ocean Creatures Plus Ocean Floor Plants

Sunset Canyon Elementary

With the help of this year’s 5th-grade class, Kristin Ryan, Sunset Canyon art teacher, created this colorful mural found in the art room. The bright colors and exciting design inspire future artists from Sunset Canyon.


Desert Cove Elementary Playground Wall Mural | Blue Side Wall

Desert Cove Elementary Playground Wall Mural | Tall Flowers With Rabbit Turtles Squirrel Slug Frog

Desert Cove Elementary

Gwen Brown, from Harvest Bible Church, was able to create a stunning mural to liven up the kindergarten playground at Desert Cove.


Cactus View Elementary Indoor Wall Mural | Monument Valley Landforms

Cactus View Elementary Indoor Wall Mural | Arizona Flag With Capitol Building And Cactus View Front Entrance

Cactus View Elementary

Painted by Jan Magness in 2012, these murals line the halls of Cactus View with Arizona pride. The artwork showcases the gorgeous desert landscape and our very own capitol, painted in celebration of Arizona’s 100th birthday.


Fireside Elementary Mural In Staircase | We Are The Spark

Fireside Elementary Word Cloud Mural In Library

Fireside Elementary

These large murals present Fireside’s core values in creating a safe and enriching environment for students. Hoping to develop a “SPARK” in every child.


Arrowhead Elementary Mural At PVSchools District Administrative Center

District Administrative Center (via Arrowhead Elementary)

This beautiful Arizona-themed mural was designed and produced by students in the 2000-01 school year. It was the winning design of an art contest held that year. The student council funded the project, and the district decided to hang it up in their courtyard.