State Average graph with ACT Scores

Category : High School

PVSchools Outperforms State Average for ACT® Scores

Tuesday , August 30 , 2016

Is PVSchools preparing students for college? According to the ACT® scores that were recently released by the College Board, PVSchools students continue to outperform state averages.

The ACT® consists of curriculum-based tests of development in English, mathematics, reading and science designed to measure the skills students need in order to be successful during the first year of college.

Additionally, through collaborative research with postsecondary institutions nationwide, ACT® has established college readiness benchmark scores for designated college courses. Once again, PVSchools’ students are outperforming state averages on the benchmark scores.

ACT® research has shown that the rigorous coursework has the greatest impact on ACT® performance and college readiness. Students who take Algebra I, Algebra I and Geometry typically achieve higher ACT® Mathematics scores than students who have taken less than three years of math.

Students taking Biology and Chemistry in combination with Physics typically achieve higher ACT® Science scores than students taking less than three years if science courses.