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PVSchools Expands Early Childhood Learning Programs

Wednesday , July 17 , 2019

PVSchools is expanding its early childhood learning programs with the opening of the Little Cubs at the James P. Lee Early Childhood Learning Center on July 25, 2019, at the Arrowhead campus (get directions).

“Little Cubs is opening to provide our employees and working families an option for childcare in the southern area of the district. Families will have district staff taking care of their children. This is the beginning of their experience with PVSchools,” said Jennifer Kelly, childcare coordinator with the Community Education Department.

The center is fully licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The program will be open from 6:30 a.m-5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and will follow the school calendar. Classroom ratios for staff and children are as follows:

  • Infants 1:5 or 2:11
  • One-year-old 1:6 or 2:13
  • Two-year-old 2:8
  • Three-year-old 1:13.

One feature that stands out from other childcare programs is that the Little Cubs will also have an onsite registered nurse. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that a trained medical professional is on-site should a situation or issue arise.

A Snapshot of the Program

Children attending the Little Cubs program will participate in art, music, dramatic play, storytime, songs, and dance. “Children are naturally curious. We play with them, introduce toys or activities that are right for their age. We read to them, sing, and dance with them,” said Ms. Bush.

Infant and Toddlers Program

“Our Infant and Toddlers program will incorporate individual play using developmentally appropriate toys good for both large and small muscles, socialization with children in the classroom, storybooks, art activities, music, and movement.  We also work on toilet training in the Toddler 2 classroom. Children are diapered and fed on a fixed schedule,” said Barbara Bush, a childcare associate at Pinnacle High School.

Parents provide diapers and wipes in these classrooms. In the infant room, parents also provide bottles of either breast milk or formula. Children in the Toddler 1 and 2 Program are fed breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily. Infants nap according to their individual schedule, and children in the Toddler 1 and 2 Program nap after lunch daily.

3-Year-Old Program

“A typical day will include large and small group activities that are developmentally appropriate for 3-year-olds. These will include activities in literature, early math, art, and music, as well as social studies and science. Children will also have the opportunity to choose free choice dramatic play, use large muscles on the playground, develop social skills, and make friends. The children nap after lunch,” said Ms. Bush. The center provides breakfast, lunch, and two snacks daily.

Daily reports are provided to parents. These reports include when diapers are changed, nap times, activities completed, food eaten, and eating time.

Schedule A Tour

If you are interested in touring Little Cubs at the James P. Lee Early Childhood Learning Center prior to July, please call Ms. Bush at 602-449-4080 to tour the Lil’ Pioneers Program at Pinnacle High School. After July, please call the Community Education Department at (602) 449-2200. Register today!

Learn more about the programs offered through the Community Education Department