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PVOnline Provides Alternative Learning Options for Students

Monday , October 07 , 2019

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Living in a digital world means being connected digitally and socially no matter where you are or the time of day. Learning is certainly not an exception. Today’s students have the option of taking classes online from the comfort of their home or attending a traditional brick-and-mortar school setting. 

Students choose to take online classes for an array of different reasons such as needing flexible school schedules for jobs, athletics, or other family responsibilities and commitments. 

“We have ballerinas, models, actors, and traveling athletes who have busy schedules along with taking their high school classes. Taking online classes also helps students who are suffering from school anxiety and gives them the option for receiving a quality education without having to attend a traditional school,” said Betsy Mays, coordinator of PVOnline.

In order to take an online class through PVOnline either part-time or full-time, students must reside in Arizona and complete an orientation. The requirements for PVSchools high school students includes meeting the counselor and reviewing schedules and transcripts. At the elementary and middle school level, students and parents must meet with PVOnline personnel before being able to take an online class.  

“At PVOnline, we have to be very flexible and create individual learning options for each student who walks through our doors. We have to be able to accommodate their needs while maintaining our curricular standards. Our teachers go above and beyond to help mentor and provide support for the students. Every person has an important role at PVOnline to make the families feel welcome and the students successful,” added Mays.

Every step of the way, are dedicated PVOnline teachers who provide support to students throughout the school year. Teachers communicate with students through email, chat, and video chat.  Students are required to participate in a Big Blue Button Video Conference where the teachers offer support and make connections with the students. Our teachers often visit the traditional high schools and all students are able to use the PVOnline lab for additional teacher support.

“PVOnline students are receiving the same curriculum as students in traditional schools. This allows students to have more options and flexibility when working with the schedule at the school, allowing the students to retake credits, offer them opportunities to take additional courses, or improve a grade,” said Mays.

Parental involvement also plays a key role as to whether or not your child is successful while taking an online course. To ensure that your child flourishes, parents should:

  • review the course to see what is being asked of the student.
  • ask questions of the teachers and the online staff.
  • provide a quiet place and time to be online.
  • monitor activity to ensure that their child is engaging in the course.

“We have many students who return to us after leaving a traditional school or who may not graduate on time. PVOnline allows students an additional opportunity to earn a high school diploma when the traditional school setting did not work for them. It also allows students to participate in the activities they are passionate about while earning a quality education,” added Mays.

PVOnline continually adds new courses each school year. The staff also works closely with guidance counselors at each high school to create options for all students to earn credits for graduation. 

PVOnline is an approved Arizona Online Instruction provider through the Arizona State Board of Education and is fully accredited as an extension of the school district. Additionally, PVOnline is accredited through AdvancED Accreditation, and this is the same accreditation that all high schools in the district have earned and courses are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). All PVOnline teachers are Highly Qualified and certified in their area of instruction.

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