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PV Middle, High School Students Advance to the Arizona Science & Engineering Fair

Thursday , February 27 , 2020

PVSchools 2020 Science & Engerring Fair

Students at Shea and Sunrise Middle Schools and Paradise Valley High School received stellar results for their outstanding STEM projects during the 2020 Paradise Valley Science & Engineering Fair, which qualified them to compete at the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AzSEF) on March 26-27 at the Phoenix Convention Center. 

Results from the Paradise Valley Science & Engineering Fair

Shea Middle School

Shea Middle School had six teams participate in the district competition. These students did a great job, had a wonderful experience, and proudly represented their school in four different categories.

  • Kinsey Todd and Claire Rankin won First Place in the Medicine and Health Sciences category with their project "Decibel Disaster."  Their project measured and compared the hearing damage that can occur while listening to music with ear-buds, headphones, and speakers.
  • Jacob Alger, Paige Steffen, and Rylee Pfeiff won First Place in the Plant Sciences category with their project "Compost Efficiency."  Their project made different types of compost and compared the thermal energy produced from the compost to the plant growth of ryegrass.
  • Addison Knapp, Taryn Dyekman, and Aubree won Second place in the Engineering and Design category with their project "Solar Power." Their project determined what factors affected the rate of a solar charger while charging a cell phone.
  • Olivia Garza-Reeves, Jasmine Barrs, and Caitlin Newberry won Second Place in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category with their project "How Does Color Affect Memory?” The students tested numerous subjects to determine what part color plays in memory retention.
  • Lily Peterson and Illumis Restrepo placed third in the Engineering and Design Category with their project "Paper, Plastic or Styrofoam." Their project compared the weight strength of paper, plastic, and styrofoam cups through multiple trials.
  • The team of Gabrielle Livingston and Annika Brooks placed fourth in the Medicine and Health Sciences Category with their Project "Calorie Crushers." This project made a calorimeter and mathematically compared the calories on the packages of Cheetos with the calories calculated with their homemade calorimeter.

Sunrise Middle School

Flexx Energy team, with members Dwayne Cacnio, Brendan Hauss, Elena Media, and Joshua Rybinski, was the Overall Winner at the Paradise Valley Science & Engineering Fair. Flexx Energy’s goal was to test the efficiency of different turbine blade designs in producing energy. 

Four Sunrise Middle School students/teams received top honors in four different categories. 

  • Musa Alam won First Place in the Environmental category.  Arsenic in water is a problem in some countries, including the U.S., and can cause different types of cancer, as well as birth defects. The project focused on a way to filter arsenic from water to make it safe to drink.
  • Grant Grunden Oliver Hoerth, Bailey Nguyen, and Jack Senesac won First Place in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category.  The team is trying to solve whether eating certain types of food before tests can help you.
  • Wesley Dinoffria, Matthew DiCaudo, Cambria Kautenburger, and Dante Vendegna won First Place in the Cellular and Molecular Biology category. The team modified the genetic make-up of E. coli so that it was able to grow on a media that usually prevents E. coli growth.
  • Nic Corbo, Justin Friedlander, Simer Singh, and Ava Zarillo won First Place in the Engineering category. The team is trying to solve the problem of plastic being dumped in the ocean by finding a way to reuse HPDP plastics into a form that can be used for roads.

To prepare for AzSEF, Sunrise students identified a problem globally or in their local community and developed a testable question, and experimentation plan to test a solution to that problem. 

A special thank you goes to Angela Mitchell, Honors Science teacher at Shea Middle School; and Pam Fulk, Digital Learning Center Science teacher at Sunrise Middle School; for doing an incredible job mentoring these middle school teams!

Paradise Valley High School

  • Behavioral and Social Science Category
    • Grand Prize: Shreya Chandak, Pragnya Karlapudi, and Ishita Bansal
    • Second Place: Ayesha Babbrah and Isabella Wylie
    • Third Place: Aditya Bandi and Ayush Lenka
  • Animal Sciences Category
    • Second Place: Daniela O'Harris, Ethan Bird, and Joshua Bailey 
  • Biomedical and Health Sciences Category
    • First Place: Colin Snyder, Cooper Weissman, and Nate Neugebauer
    • Second Place: Rohanna-Lee Henry and Richard Chavez 
  • Biomedical Engineering Category
    • First Place: Alexandria Ellershaw and Preeti Kakade    
    • Second Place: Hannah Hill, Aiden Tokish, and Harrison Paden
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology Category
    • First Place: Alexandra Rolfness
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences Category
    • First Place: Alyssa Anderson, Burke Gedris, and Coltton Kirkpatrick 
    • Second Place: Jake Markovsky, Lucas Grunden, and Jigisha Rohila 
    • Third Place: Akash Ahuja, Ira Vaidya, and Nathan Sullivan
  • Embedded Systems Category
    • First Place: Diya Setia, Blake Allen, and Jacob Groman
  • Energy: Physical Category
    • First Place: Aaron Pinkus and Jacob Barnett
    • Second Place: Julie Fox, Helen Nguyen, and Carlin Washburn
  • Energy: Mechanics Category
    • First Place: Charlie Kauffman, Evelyn Dellaripa, and Jackson LeMere
    • First  Place: Karina Ligasan, Andres    Acosta, and Tyler Emerson    
    • Second Place: Phillip Dozeman, Lizette Minero- Leon, and     Isabella Rundle
    • Third Place: Henry Heiden, Alan Yee, Jordan Gorelkin  
  • Environmental Engineering Category
    • First Place: Joseph Nebeurt, Srishti Rajeev, and Aubrey Schrameck    
    • Second Place: Mark Yee, Sidney Kizer, and Sebastian Cisneros    
    • Third Place: Matthew Pabis, Wynn Lawrence, and Nitzia Lipson 
  • Materials Sciences Category
    • First Place: Gavin Russo, Sophia Bruner, and Grayson Barthelemy    
    • Second Place: Sydney Wolfert, Adam Shenhav, and Zahra Alam  
  • Microbiology Category
    • First Place: Samantha Mullins, Bridget Glass, and Maria Ramirez Morales    
    • Second Place: Zoe Lesher and Molly Currey             
    • Third Place: Kaitlyn Fuge and Anna Miroshnichenko        
  • Physical Astronomy Category
    • First Place: Ryan Mosberian, Luke Sprenger, Baylor Green, and Aneesah Rivera-Nichols
  • Plant Sciences Category
    • First Place: Amulya Bhaskara and Zoe Danielson                
    • Second Place: Thomas Collins, Michael Nikolov, and Nolan Eide        
    • Third Place: Joshua Quinte, Charlotte Moenich, Felix Shen, and Konnor Victor  
  • System Software Category
    • First Place: Brett Keene, Carson Stogdill, Sofie Tavernaro, and Cassandra Schwerman    
    • Second Place: Sathvika Damera, Uros Martic, and Conner Brown        
    • Third Place: Colin Boecker-Grieme, Nathan Calderon, and Nathan Stimmler   

PVSchools wishes our students the best of luck at the AzSEF. Winners of the AzSEF qualify for the International Science and Engineering Fair.