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Pearson Data Security Incident

Wednesday , October 09 , 2019

Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVSchools) has been notified it is one of the thousands of districts across the country affected by a recent Pearson data security incident. 

This incident may have impacted approximately 6,200 students and 500 staff members of PVSchools. 

The data of PVSchools students and employees included names, employee work email addresses, internal student identifiers, and, in some cases, students’ dates of birth. Many of the email addresses are no longer in use and many of the individuals are no longer in PVSchools. No other data was part of the security incident, only the aforementioned directory information.

While the type of information involved in this incident was extremely limited, PVSchools is issuing this notification out of an abundance of caution so families and individuals are aware of the data exposure. 

PVSchools takes data management seriously and is working with Pearson to ensure all necessary safeguards are in place, and that data is deleted when it no longer serves any purpose for the education of students. 

While Pearson does not have any evidence the information has been misused, it is offering complimentary credit-monitoring services from Experian for individuals who may be impacted. Those who wish to enroll as a precautionary measure should call 866-883-3309 or email