Amanda Cherry

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Paradise Valley High CREST Teacher Named as 2021 ASTA High School Teacher of the Year

Friday , November 05 , 2021

Amanda Cherry, a science teacher in the Center for Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology (CREST) program at Paradise Valley High School, received the 2021 High School Science Teacher of the Year award presented by the Arizona Science Teachers Association (ASTA).

“My science educator peers were the judges, and being recognized by our professional organization is a truly special honor. I was first introduced to ASTA and the importance of continuing to improve my practice while I was a student teacher, and my continuing education has helped to keep me motivated and excited to share the process of science with my students.  My students work very hard every day to connect their prior knowledge to what we are currently learning. I ask students to incorporate writing, math, and artwork into most of our lessons. This allows students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. I am very proud of the science that happens in our lab room every day - students are asking questions and learning to think critically,” says Cherry.

The ASTA presents the Science Teacher of the Year Awards to recognize and honor colleagues who exemplify quality science teaching. At the annual ASTA Conference, the award is given to one teacher from elementary, middle school/junior high level, and high school levels. Nominees must be certified, full-time classroom teachers, and current members of ASTA.