Palomino Intermediate School Leadership Program photo collage

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Palomino Intermediate Students Learn Leadership Skills Through Guys With Ties and Girls With Pearls Programs

Wednesday , May 19 , 2021

Palomino Intermediate Leadership program collage

Jennifer Jordan, a fifth-grade teacher at Palomino Intermediate School, incorporated a leadership program into her curriculum to create a better learning environment for her students. Both the boys and girls groups learn how to be better community members, ways to help one another, and appropriate social interactions. 

Devin Jordan, the founder of Beyond the Game, offered to provide a leadership program geared toward the boys in her class. The Guys with Ties program helps grow young boys into gentlemen by teaching them the skills to be successful in society. 

“In the past, my classroom has been sponsored by the Ohio State University Phoenix Alumni Association. They have special contacts in Ohio and recommended that Devin Jordan reach out to us about his special program. It was a wonderful serendipitous occurrence,” said Jennifer Jordan.

Furthermore, Jennifer Jordan wanted her students to learn how to model appropriate behaviors from outstanding role models. Brian Harris, DDS, sponsored this program for her class. Dr. Harris visited the classroom to speak to students about being successful, working hard toward their dreams, and giving back to their community. 

“Devin is charismatic, talented, and hard-working. The kids hang on to his every word, and he is just amazing at what he does! Dr. Harris graciously sponsored our class without even meeting us first. He found value in the program and saw how it could benefit a population like ours at Palomino Intermediate. I can't thank them enough, and they really deserve all the credit,” said Jennifer Jordan.

In order to provide an equitable leadership experience for the girls in her class, Jordan started another segment to this program called Girls with Pearls. The girls meet separately with Tamika Walker, school social worker, to discuss issues pertaining to girls, including being a good friend, empowering other women, etc. 

Since Beyond the Game is based out of Ohio, the lessons for the boys have been done remotely. On April 30, Devin Jordan, the founder of Beyond the Game, and Dr. Harris visited Palomino Intermediate School to deliver an in-person lesson. Dr. Harris spoke to both groups about success and giving back to your community. He handed out toothbrushes and floss to the students after his lesson. Then, Devin Jordan conducted a lesson on kindness. The whole class created congratulatory signs and posters to present to our sixth-grade graduating students on the last day of school. “We are really excited to do this, and I feel there will be a lot of tears on this day! The kids had a lot of fun,” said  Jennifer Jordan.

Earlier this week, Devin Jordan visited the students at Palomino Intermediate School one final time and will give a lesson on etiquette.