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North Canyon High Senior Accepted to 114 Colleges & Universities, Offered $6 Million in Scholarships

Tuesday , May 11 , 2021

Congratulations Anthony Bangura

With perseverance and determination, Anthony Bangura, a senior in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme at North Canyon High School, applied to 144 colleges and universities and was accepted to 114. Bangura received 65 academic and merit scholarships from 75 different colleges and universities totaling $6,180,760, which didn’t include out-of-state grants and funds.

"I was so impressed with Anthony's determination and initiative during such a challenging year.  He is an amazing example of how our Rattlers RISE up in a difficult situation. We are so proud of him," said Melissa Molzhon, principal at North Canyon High School.

Bangura committed to Grand Canyon University (GCU) - Honors College and will study pre-medical track. He explains his decision, “I chose GCU because I believe it is the best place for me to study pre-med and be prepared for medical school ahead. The small sizes will help me focus a lot more because the professors want you to succeed. The community is welcoming and vibrant, so making new friends won’t be a problem. The school has many clubs and activities to help prepare me extremely well for the MCAT and medical school applications. Their Honors College is the closest thing to college-level IB and being in the Honors College has many benefits down the road.” 

GCU awarded him a $7,400 President Scholarship per year, a $400 Priority Registration Award per year, and a $1,000 Grand Canyon University Award per year. 

Members of North Canyon High School’s College & Career Department were instrumental throughout the process and were available to help guide and assist Bangura. “The counselors informed me about everything college-related. The College and Career Google Classroom and website not only remind me about scholarships and applications, but it's also a useful resource. Naviance is one of the best tools set in place for the college application process and applying for scholarships,” he said. 

Bangura has solid advice from his own experiences for other high school students who are applying to colleges and universities, as well as scholarship opportunities. “Try not to pay $100 for a college application. Apply to colleges and universities that have free application fees first. See what happens, then make the decision if you want to pay an application fee. Apply early, there can be possibilities for more scholarships/awards if you apply and commit early rather than waiting until May 1. Contact admissions counselors with any questions because they are extremely helpful and let you know things you wouldn't find on that school's website. If possible, try sending in unofficial transcripts rather than official transcripts. Many colleges accept unofficial transcripts and the process will be faster if you email them yourself. Apply to as many universities as possible. It's better to have many diverse options than just one or two that you like or prefer (expand your options). Be unique; for me that included being an IB student, 4.68 GPA, freshman mentor for two years, chess and basketball club, and community service/volunteering. However, everyone is unique in their own way. Colleges want a well-rounded class; individuals excelling in their areas of interests. Do what you like and enjoy and you will stand out.”

The IB Programme not only prepares students to succeed but also helps them flourish in college. The IB Programme provides students with academic rigor, student-driven projects, community service opportunities, and a global context for seeing the world. “I chose to apply for the IB Programme because I knew it would help me get ready for college. It has helped me not only with time management but also with my work ethic. The challenging classes combined with community service and multiple projects have given me a look at what to expect in college,” said Bangura. 

Bangura will graduate from North Canyon High School on May 20. In addition to receiving his high school diploma, he is on track to graduate with an IB Diploma as well.