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North Canyon High School Hosts Virtual IB Programme Information Night

Thursday , January 07 , 2021

North Canyon High School will host a Virtual International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Information Night on Tuesday, Jan. 12 from 6-7 p.m. Attend the virtual meeting by joining with the Google Meet link

About the IB Programme

North Canyon High School’s IB Programme serves students from 9th-12th grade, providing them with academic rigor, student-driven projects, community service opportunities, and a global context for seeing the world. 

The IB Programme is for motivated learners and students who want to be surrounded by others with similar goals. IB is more than individual classes; it’s a comprehensive program that provides an academically challenging curriculum, ensures development in the areas of communication, thinking, research, social, and self-management skills, as well as providing opportunities for service learning.  

Students can also earn many college credits by taking their IB exams, in fact, many IB students are technically sophomores when entering college. IB students are recognized by universities as top performers that not only succeed but flourish in college. Scholarship opportunities and college acceptance rates for IB students reflect this.  

Benefits of Taking IB Courses

  • Better prepared for college. Many see IB courses as college-level. If students are doing well and are able to keep up in their IB courses, the transition to college work should be smooth.
  • Critical thinking skills. IB strongly encourages students to think critically. 
  • Help with the selection of a college major. IB courses dig much deeper than general courses and students get to experience more of a subject than they would in a general class. This can help students narrow down their list for the major they want to study in college.
  • Potentially prepared for AP test. If colleges do not offer college credit for IB courses but do give credit for AP tests, IB students will probably be prepared to take the AP test.

If you have questions about the IB Programme, please email Ian Connell at or Matt Case at