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Accepting Applications for New Middle School Gifted Program, Journey

Friday , April 17 , 2020

The PVSchools Gifted Education Department is proud to unveil its newest program exclusively for middle school students, Journey.

Although campuses may be closed at the moment, our Gifted Department is currently accepting online applications for Journey, and spaces are limited. This new program will be hosted in Mountain Trail Middle School, located just northwest of Cave Creek Road and Deer Valley Drive.

The objective of the Journey program is "to differentiate education based on the needs of the individual gifted learner, while keeping the students together in content blocks and immersing them in multiple modes of learning."

Qualifications for Journey

In order to be admitted into Journey, a student needs to meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  1. Gifted qualification at the 97th percentile or higher in two areas: verbal, quantitative or non-verbal; or
  2. Gifted qualification at the 97th percentile or higher in one area, AND 90th percentile or higher in one other area, PLUS a principal recommendation; or
  3. IQ of 130 or higher.

Also, the student needs to have tested as "performing" or "highly performing" in AzMerit reading and math in 2018-2019.

Documents Needed for the Application

If you would like to submit an application, copies of the following documents will need to be included:

  1. Gifted testing scores (if your child was previously tested within the PVSchools district, you may contact our office at 602-449-2113 to request a copy of test scores),
  2. AzMerit scores from the last school year, and
  3. Most recent report card.

Ready to Apply?

If you're looking to get your gifted child into a more academically appropriate program and he or she will be entering seventh or eighth grade in the 2020-21 school year, you're invited to learn more about or apply for the Journey program today!

View the Journey Flyer

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Apply Online Now for Journey