PVSchools Celebrates National Arts in Schools Week

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A National Spotlight on Arts in Education

Monday , September 14 , 2020

PVSchools Celebrates National Arts in Education Week

National Arts in Education Week, September 13-19, is a celebration recognizing the transformative power of the arts in education. Now more than ever, fine and performing arts are helping us to decompress and escape from the realities of the pandemic.

Since March, we have seen and heard it play out through works of art on sidewalks, shared musical moments, in plays, and dance performances, which have lifted the spirits of the community. 

With the shift to virtual learning, teachers continue to keep students connected and engaged through art and music. Band and orchestra students are learning to tune their instruments and are practicing new songs. Students in art classes are flourishing while creating masterpieces. Students in dance classes are learning the methodology for popular dance styles.

A well-rounded arts education supports the well-being of all students and has many developmental benefits for children of all ages, including

  • Motor skills – since there are many motions involved in making art and music, including cutting with scissors, holding paintbrushes and pencils, or holding a violin bow, children can develop the necessary fine motor skills. 
  • Language development – talking about art, techniques, and music encourages children to learn new words and expand their vocabulary.
  • Decision making – according to the Americans for the Arts, an arts education strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 
  • Visual learning – by sculpting clay, drawing, and or even threading beads to make jewelry, children are learning beneficial visual-spatial skills. 
  • Cultural awareness –  learning about different artists, musicians, composers, and types of music helps children appreciate the diverse world in which we live.
  • Improved academic performance – research has shown the benefits that arts education has on the entire school culture such as student motivation, attitudes, and attendance. Arts education encourages students to stay in school and succeed in school and life. 
  • Improved brain function – studies have shown playing a musical instrument is beneficial to the brain and enriches connections between the left and right brain. 

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