National School Bus Safety Week October 19-23

National School Bus Safety Week

Friday , October 16 , 2020

National School Bus Safety Week, October 19-23, is a way for the community to work together to practice safe driving every day to make our community better. The theme is "Red Lights Mean STOP!" and draws attention to the importance of stopping when drivers see a school bus stopped with red lights on and its STOP arm extended. Red Lights Mean STOP signals that students are either boarding or exiting the bus, and drivers must stop.

Bus drivers have one of the most important roles in a school district as they are in charge of transporting students safely to and from school each day. Bus drivers need to be alert, patient, caring, and prepared for any obstacle that comes their way, including road work, road closures, traffic, weather conditions, as well as being aware of other drivers.

Daily Safety Procedures

School bus drivers keep students safe by performing safety checks before and after their shift, as well as being alert and focused while driving. With COVID-19, drivers are incorporating extra safety measures to ensure that students are safe while riding the school bus. 

Before starting their route in the morning, each bus driver ensures that their bus is in tip-top shape by performing a safety check, which includes checking oil levels, transmission fluid, tires, and emergency exits. At the end of the school day, when the route is complete, drivers return to the bus yard to perform a few more safety checks before heading home for the day.

To ensure that students are safe and stay healthy while waiting for the bus, as well as riding the bus to and from school, bus drivers are enforcing safety procedures throughout the day, including:

  • Cleaning high touch areas between each route.
  • Arriving at the bus stop wearing a mask.
  • Following social distance guidelines while waiting for the bus, as well as when boarding and exiting the bus.
  • Wearing a mask throughout the bus ride. 
  • Assigning seats to students riding the bus.