Music in Our Schools Month 2021

Music In Our School Month Focuses on Music the Sound of My Heart

Monday , March 01 , 2021

Music In Our School Month 2021

March is designated by the National Association for Music Education as, Music in Our Schools Month, and this year’s theme is “Music the Sound of My Heart.” This annual celebration takes place to promote the benefits of music education programs in our schools. At PVSchools, we believe that it is essential for all of our students to have a rich, engaging, and inspiring experience in music, as well as in all the Arts.

How Music Is Taught During the Pandemic

PVSchools music teachers have raised the bar during the pandemic to ensure that their students have access to quality music programs. Through in-person and virtual learning, music educators have continued to teach students how to play instruments, read music, tune their instruments, and care for their instruments. In many schools, music teachers have highlighted the musical progress of their students by organizing virtual school concerts. 

“Music, as with most of the Fine and Performing Arts, is a social event. Artists and musicians thrive on sharing their art and music with others such as an audience. Musicians and artists also tend to enjoy playing and participating together socially. When the COVID conditions severely affected these opportunities, the challenges then became, how can the teacher or director maintain or increase the motivation for students to remain involved in music,” said Joel Taylor, director of Fine Arts. 

Program Changes Made Due to Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, safety protocols were established to protect students and teachers. 
Some of the changes implemented include

  • The sharing of instruments will be minimized and discouraged. 
  • Any shared instruments or equipment will be sanitized after each use.
  • Sharing of mouthpieces or other such items will not be permitted.
  • Instrument covers, such as bell covers, should be used on all wind instruments, including recorders. 

 “Prior to the sudden onslaught of COVID and the challenges presented by a highly contagious pandemic, the performing arts industry was already moving in the direction of producing more live media and streaming events. The onset of COVID created conditions that pushed this resource into use faster than anticipated. Thereby, requiring more teachers and directors to learn these skills and tools more quickly than anticipated. All performers need to perform with approved face coverings. This increases the need for physicality in movements and increased volume and the use of microphones. Instrumentalists need to have approved coverings for instruments that are powered by breath,” Taylor.

Benefits of a Music Education

Studies have shown the multitude of benefits of music education. Music can help with the development of language and reasoning, spatial, listening skills, math skills, and pattern recognition skills, as well as also help with self-esteem, the development of creative thinking, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills. Most importantly, music touches our hearts, allows us the ability to express and feel emotions, and relieves stress. Music reflects who we are and how we experience the world around us and in turn, truly changes our lives.

About Music Programs in PVSchools

Day in and day out, our outstanding music educators in PVSchools guide our students in discovering the beauty and joy that music can bring to their lives. To help change lives with music, our students have the opportunity to experience music at every grade level in an array of mediums, including general music, choir, band, strings, musical theater, and dance. 

Every school in the district has some kind of music program. General music, band, choral music, and orchestra teachers make up the largest numbers of arts and music teachers in PVSchools.

About Music in Our Schools Month

What began as a single statewide celebration in 1973, Music in Our Schools Month has grown from encompassing a day, then a week, and then in 1985 becoming a month-long celebration of music in our schools. 

During Music in Our Schools Month, don’t forget to thank your child’s music teacher for all they do on behalf of students.