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Life Skills Teens Need to Know Before Heading to College

Monday , June 10 , 2019

You’ve worked hard to prepare your teen for this moment. The time has finally come for your teenager to leave the nest and live away from home while he or she attends college. Before your child heads off to college, there are a few life lessons that will need to be revisited.

Personal finances

Your teen will need to know how to make a budget and stick to it. Before your teen heads off to college, start the conversation about money by creating and reviewing a budget you’ve outlined together. Let your teen know that there are circumstances in which he or she may exceed the monthly budget, and it’s important to set aside some money each month in order to cover these unexpected expenses.

Grocery shopping

Your teen will need to know how to plan meals and stick to the allotted budget each week. Encourage your child to accompany you on your next trip to the grocery store. Use this opportunity to provide tips on how to pick the best fruits and vegetables, save money, and prepare healthy meals. After a few trips together, have your teen do the grocery shopping for you.


If your teen doesn’t know the basics of cooking yet, now is the time to start the lessons. Start by teaching your teen a few simple recipes. By the time your teen is out of the house, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that he or she won’t starve without you.


Before your teen leaves for college, make sure he or she know the difference between a cold and the flu, and when they should see a doctor. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor to ensure that you have refills available of any medications your teen takes. Talk with your child about the health care coverage and the expected co-pays associated with visits to the primary care physician, urgent care or emergency room visits, and prescriptions. Remind your teen about the healthy benefits that comes with exercising and eating a well-balanced diet.


If this is your teen’s first time away from home, he or she may feel homesick. To help ease the transition, mail a care package with his or her favorite items from home. While your teen may like the independence of living away from home, remember to set a consistent time each week to Facetime or Skype with each other.


Manners are important at every stage of life. Remind your teen to continue to use his or her manners even when they are away from home.

Your child will always need you no matter how old they are. Just remember, that you’re just a phone call away to listen and offer advice when asked.

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