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How to Ease Back-to-School Stress

Thursday , July 11 , 2019

Thinking about heading back to the classroom after having a fun and relaxing summer vacation may be stressful for some children. With it comes rushed mornings, homework and a much busier schedule. Students in PVSchools will head back to the classroom on Tuesday, August 6th. How will you help your child cope with going back to school?

1. Stay Positive 

Your child will experience a range of emotions from nervousness to excitement. Make time to discuss these feelings with your child and redirect your child’s anxiety and worries to focus on the positives of the new school year, including reconnecting with friends and teachers and making new friends.

2. Re-establish or Create New Routines

Before school starts is the perfect time to re-establish and create new routines. Make sure your child starts going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, so he or she is ready for the first day. Make it a fun and special day when you take your child shopping for new school clothes, shoes and supplies. 

3. Start New Traditions

Before the first day of school, plan something special for your child. Whether it’s going out for ice cream, writing an encouraging note or buying your child a small gift to commemorate the first day such as a book about easing back to school worries or a journal.

4. Stay Physically Fit

Exercise is a good way to de-stress. Exercise as a family at least three times a week. Exercising may reduce anxiety levels, which can also help your child fall asleep more easily.

5. Eat a Healthier Diet

By removing sugary foods and incorporating healthier foods into his or her diet, you may be able to reduce your child’s stress levels. Instead of giving your child sugary snacks, consider fruit, veggies and dip, nuts, cheese, yogurt or a glass of milk.