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Gifted Testing Updates

Tuesday , November 03 , 2020

Gifted Testing Update!

Fall 2020 Testing Update

At this time, our Fall testing is reserved for schools that had their testing dates canceled due to school closure in the Spring of 2020. The gifted office will contact families that were previously scheduled for gifted testing. Parents will be notified via email with their school's date and times of testing.

Spring 2021 Testing Update

Please view the Spring testing schedule. Schools are grouped into sessions with their testing dates being between that three-week span. Permission slips for the Spring are digital and include a unique code for each elementary site. If your student's teacher has recommended your child, you will be emailed the permission to test form. If you want to request a permission to test form, please contact your school's gifted specialist for your school's specific permission form. 

Gifted Preschool & Incoming Kindergarten Testing Update

Gifted preschool testing is currently being booked for the year, and you can schedule an appointment by calling our office at (602) 449-2113. For those looking for Kindergarten testing and whose child will be in Kindergarten in the 2021-2022 school year, our testing runs from January to May before they enter Kindergarten. We will begin scheduling in December, and you can book your appointment by calling our office. 

Out of District Testing Update

Those students who attend a charter school but whose home school is within Paradise Valley USD, testing is held at the District Office. Testing will be held from January through May. We will begin scheduling in December, and you can book your appointment by calling our office.