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Gifted Services via PVConnect

Thursday , July 29 , 2021

PVConnect will provide gifted services via a "pull-out" model with a Gifted Specialist for daily instruction.  The Gifted Specialist will be using PV’s gifted curriculum through math instruction in the AM, and supplemental English language arts and critical thinking learning opportunities in the PM.

The PVConnect Gifted Specialist will also have access to the curriculum used in the self-contained gifted classrooms, and will connect and collaborate regularly with the other gifted teachers so as to help prepare the students for when they transition back into the classroom. 

Math instruction for gifted students will be provided as follows:

  1. Gifted students who are in our Content Replacement and in the self-contained program will receive the appropriate level of math as they would in their in-person class.
  2. Gifted students requiring algebra and beyond will be scheduled into a PVOnline course.

*We will be looking at where each gifted student is academically in math in order to know their level of instruction. (For example, a student new to self-contained gifted may not already be accelerated two years.  We will make those determinations based on the coursework completed last year.)

Gifted Parent Portal is available to provide additional information and resources.  Curriculum updates will be added quarterly to the parent portal to reflect the topics and pace in the gifted self-contained classrooms. We will continue to add academic resources to the parent portal to ease each student's return to the self-contained classrooms throughout the school year.

Thank you.

Updated: August 23, 2021