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Gifted Education Updates!

Tuesday , April 07 , 2020

Gifted Testing

I planned to have my gifted child tested this spring. When will that testing take place?

Due to the current school closures, PVUSD gifted testing has been postponed until closures are lifted at our school sites. We anticipate rescheduling testing this summer. Please continue to check our gifted website for more specifics regarding testing sites, times and schedule in the coming months. 

We will contact families that were previously scheduled for gifted testing (at their school sites and/or at the district office) via email as soon as logistics are confirmed. 

You may also choose to take your child to a private provider office; you will schedule this with their offices if and when they should open. If you select outside testing, please refer to our list of approved outside testers.

This remains a quickly evolving situation, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. 

2020-2021 Self-contained Applications 1-6th

The self-contained gifted program applications for grades 1 through 6 are now available online. The teacher recommendation is also available online. The required documents to complete an online application include students’ most recent: report card and AzMerit scores (where available), along with students’ gifted testing scores.

Please contact Deanna Shahverdian if previous gifted testing records are needed in order to complete the application.

Distance Learning

Please visit the Distancing Google website for some helpful resources for parents, students and teachers.