Fox 10 Phoenix Cory McCloskey Visits Wildfire Elementary School - Video Still

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Fox 10's Cory's Corner: Back to School at Wildfire Elementary School

Wednesday , January 15 , 2020

Wildfire Elementary School students woke up early Wednesday to appear on live TV with Fox 10 Phoenix's Cory McCloskey. 

Principal Ryan Schoonover got a chance to speak to McCloskey while the camera panned around the sea of fired-up Firebirds.

McCloskey noted, "Usually there's sort of a post-Christmas slump, but not this year," referring to the amount of energy the students had for the television appearance.

The Fox 10 weather anchor also invited his "winner in the Cory McCloskey look-alike contest" to come forward.

Watch the full Cory's Corner video clip here:

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