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Featured Projects from Shea Middle

Wednesday , October 21 , 2020

As our world adjusted to the circumstances that limited our in-person social interactions, educators were thrown into a whirlwind of revamping their teaching methods to ensure their students could continue to learn. We sought ways to feel grounded, found security in the small things that assured us the world was still turning. We canceled flights, but hopped in our cars for road trips. We took walks outside, stocked up on groceries, created an office or learning space in our homes. We did our best to surround ourselves with things that provided us comfort. For a lot of us, that also meant connecting with music. For some, that meant learning a dance sequence to a song for our new TikTok audience. And for many of our students, that meant creating music with whatever resources they could find at home.

As their school closure became inevitable, Give A Note MEIA recipient Nicholas Popovich in Phoenix, AZ, helped his students continue their music production learning via virtual feedback and guidance. 

This article was published by Give A Note Foundation. Read the entire article that includes projects and mini-interviews from three Shea Middle School students.