Preschool Universe Save the Date 2021

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Explore Preschool Options at the Virtual Preschool Universe Event

Friday , January 22 , 2021

Preschool Universe Save the Date 2021

If you’re researching quality preschool programs, consider attending PVSchools virtual Preschool Universe event on Feb. 2 from 5:45-7 p.m. Pre-registration is required and the event link will be directly emailed to you prior to the event. Register to attend the event.

Preschool Universe allows parents to learn about preschool options offered through the Paradise Valley Unified School District, as well as the staff. Parents will need to register in advance for the program of interest. Prior to the event, they will be sent a link with the specific meeting room where their meeting will be held.  

During the virtual event, teachers will share an overview of the specific program and be available to answer some general questions. In addition, our registrars will be available to answer questions parents may have.  

Why Consider PVSchools Preschool Programs?

At PVSchools, we offer an array of preschool programs that will fit your child’s learning style and needs because we know there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” model. Our youngest learners receive the foundation and building blocks needed to prepare them for success in elementary school. 

“Our caring staff prepares each child for elementary school making our program a great place to learn.  We have seen that the children who have attended one of our preschool programs, in our schools, have little to no difficulty moving directly into a kindergarten classroom. They are familiar with the staff and the school environment,” said Natalie Wilcox, director of the Community Education Department.

A Snapshot of the Preschool Day

Each preschool classroom is filled with discovery and active learning. Students participate in whole group and small group activities. Students begin their day with whole-group activities that build a classroom community and teach students how to engage in their learning. Students participate in lessons of investigation and discovery all with the outcome of learning.  

Students learn how to be a part of a classroom, how to engage in their learning, how to take risks, share, and become an active citizen. In a broad sense, early literacy, foundational math skills, problem-solving, science discovery, art, and creativity are all lessons students engage in on a daily basis. 

“We integrate physical play and activities and at the heart of everything we do we focus on each child's social and emotional health and well-being. We utilize the Arizona State Early Learning Standards and Gold Teaching Strategies as our framework,” said Jennifer Kelly, childcare coordinator.

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