Diana Cameron Receiving the Principals Award

Diana Cameron Receives the 2019 Maricopa County Exemplary Principals Award

Thursday , May 09 , 2019

Diana Cameron, principal at Sandpiper Elementary School, is one of 11 recipients of the 2019 Maricopa County Exemplary Principals Award.

“It is an honor to recognize Diana Cameron as an Exemplary Principal. She has created a caring and supportive community that both attracts and retains teachers and staff. She has developed and grown a successful Spanish Immersion Program where students are thriving academically, socially and emotionally. Diana’s positive approach is an example of leadership at its finest,” said Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson.

There are 1,100 principals in Maricopa County and from that number, 50 principals were selected based on student growth data. The Maricopa County School Superintendent office reached out to superintendents for a statement of support and retention data. From there, it was narrowed to 31 principals who were invited to apply. There were multiple phases that included individual applications, teacher surveys, video interviews, and site visits. The selection was narrowed down to 11 principals who are being awarded.

“I work really hard as all principals do, but I work to really have a relationship with my staff and to support them in every way possible. When you are honored for what you put so much of your heart and soul into, it means so much to you,” said Ms. Cameron.

The Maricopa County Exemplary Principal Award is presented to school leaders who:

  • Exemplify practices and leadership (during the past three school years) that contribute to improved student learning.
  • Involve staff, parents, and community members in developing an effective school culture.
  • Have a history of high teacher retention.

Ms. Cameron has been an educator for 39 years. She joined the PVSchools family in 2008 and has been principal at Sandpiper Elementary School since 2015.

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