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CST Student Spotlight: Adalyn Aldrich, Desert Springs Preparatory Elementary School

Friday , January 08 , 2021

Adalyn Aldrich, a fifth-grade student at Desert Springs Preparatory Elementary School, is achieving academic success with the school’s honors program. The honors program provides reading and math content replacement and content enrichment for fourth, fifth and sixth graders. The accelerated curriculum appropriately challenges students beyond the regular curriculum using advanced levels of analysis and critical thinking. While honors classes are challenging, Aldrich said, “It can be very fun. I encourage everyone who has a desire to be in honors to try to get in.”

Teachers help lay the foundation for academic success

Randi Posner teaches the fifth-grade honors students sixth-grade math and advanced reading topics at Desert Springs Preparatory. “I can speak for most of my class that Ms. Posner has definitely helped prepare us for middle school. We transition to a different class back and forth, which teaches us time management. Since day one, Ms. Posner has given us tips for middle school, so we can get high scores on tests and keep getting good grades. My class is very excited about sixth-grade and middle school,” explained Aldrich.

Excerpts taken from the CITYSunTimes' website. Read the full article.