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Copper Canyon, Desert Trails Elementary Schools Earn the 2020 PBISaz amAZing Award

Wednesday , November 18 , 2020

Copper Canyon and Desert Trails PBISaz amAZing Award

Copper Canyon Elementary School and Desert Trails Elementary School have received the 2020 PBISaz amAZing Award for providing a positive and safe learning environment for their students and community. The PBISaz amAZing Award recognizes the extra efforts school put forth to adapt Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) to remote learning and supporting the needs of their school community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Copper Canyon and Desert Trails will receive the following in recognition of the 2020 PBISaz amAZing Award:

  • Award poster to hang in the school.
  • Digital badges and additional signage for school. 
  • Statewide publication and promotion of their achievement.

Copper Canyon Elementary School

“We take pride in our school being very community-based. Our families are very involved and supportive of one another. When seeking a behavior management model to use across all grade levels consistently, PBIS was the obvious and consensual choice for our entire staff. We very quickly got rolling with our planning and recently completed our final year of training with the Arizona Department of Education. The honor of receiving this award will be very well received by the teachers and staff members who devoted a lot of time and energy to the implementation of our Culture of PAWS,” said Principal Ann Furnish.

Copper Canyon Elementary School’s PBIS expectations are:

P – Practice Kindness;
A – Act Respectfully;
W – Wise and Responsible Choices; and
S – Safety First.

“Our PAWS expectations are applicable across our grade levels. We've even had several families create a mirrored model to use with their children at home. The consistent language helps students know and understand our expectations and have the want to do the right thing,” said Furnish.

Desert Trails Elementary School 

Desert Trails Elementary School is in its third year working closely with the Arizona Department of Education to continue developing their PBIS framework. Desert Trails administration loves seeing the support that it provides to both staff and students. 

“The award is a token of our hard work as a school to remain positive during this trying time. I am humbled both personally and professionally by this recognition, as it shows that continuing to award positive behavior really matters and makes a difference! This award recognizes the dedication of school staff and our community to uphold our school expectations every day. Together we are building a school culture that is more positive, proactive, and supportive for all our students so that they can be successful citizens and leaders of tomorrow,” said Principal Sarah Torrilhon.

Desert Trails PBIS expectations for students are to SOAR: Be safe, open-minded, always kind, and responsible.  

“PBIS is a proactive approach that DTES uses to provide and promote a positive and safe learning environment for our students and community.  We teach students positive behavior strategies. This coupled with the consistent language of PBIS helps students to know and understand what is expected of them,” said Torrilhon.