National Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15, 2020

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Tuesday , September 15 , 2020

National Hispanic Heritage Month September 15-October 15, 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 - October 15, recognizes and celebrates the contributions Americans who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean have made to American society and culture. 

In 1968, Congress authorized President Lyndon B. Johnson to issue an annual proclamation designating National Hispanic Heritage Week. Twenty years later, lawmakers expanded it to a month-long celebration from September 15 to October 15.

September 15 is a historically significant day that marks the anniversary of independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Citizens in Mexico celebrate their independence at midnight on September 15, and Chile celebrates on September 18.

PVSchools Language Acquisition Department

At PVSchools, our Hispanic student population is 32 percent. The Language Acquisition Department provides a variety of services directly to parents and students needing translation and interpretation services. This includes:

  • All aspects of language development in our elementary, middle schools, and high schools.
  • Compliance issues for English Language Learners.
  • Testing of students for English Language Proficiency.
  • Translation services for key documents and critical communications.
  • Interpretation services as identified and requested by the schools.
  • State and federal grants for special populations.

PVSchools Celebrates the Hispanic Culture

Sandpiper Elementary School, which has a Spanish Language Immersion program, staff members and students celebrate the Hispanic culture and heritage during the school’s annual Noche de Aventuras event. This event welcomes community members into the school to learn more about the traditions and culture.  View the video of the 2019 event.  

Last year at Greenway Middle School, they held a “Posada,” which is a traditional Hispanic way of celebrating the holidays. This celebration was held to thank the high school students who helped tutor students at Greenway Middle School.

These are just a few of the ways that staff and students recognize and celebrate the Hispanic culture.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Home

There are many ways to learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month. Here are just a few suggestions.

  • Learn more about Hispanic festivals such as Fiestas Patrias, Cinco de Mayo, and Día de los Muertos.
  • Learn about individuals who have made contributions to American life such as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Representative Romualdo Pacheco, and Senator Octaviano Larrazolo. From Arizona, Ben Miranda, Ed Pastor, Raúl Grijalva, and Ruben Gallego. 
  • Explore Latin music online with the Smithonian ¡Que Viva la Música Latina! Visit the website.
  • Discover Hispanic artists such as Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Diego Rivera, and Pablo Picasso by viewing the Smithsonian Latino Art and Artists collection. Visit the website.
  • Expand your culinary palate and skills by going beyond tacos and salsa. Try new recipes such as Paella (Spain), Chuchitos (Guatemala), Pupusas (El Salvador) mole sauce (México), or Lomo Saltado (Perú).