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The Brand Agency Congratulates Four Students Awarded AzEdNews Scholarships

Wednesday , July 22 , 2020

AZEdNews is honored to announce that the first four students awarded AZEdNews Scholarships are Gabriella Cerna, Airiana Madanski, Brighton Watson and Gage Zahn.

These four students’ scholarships, sponsored by The Brand Agency, provide each student with $500 to be used toward their post-secondary education at vocational/trade schools, community colleges, colleges and universities.

Students submitted 1-minute videos entries for the opportunity to win a scholarship. Scholarship funds are mailed directly to the post-secondary institution the students choose to attend. AZEdNews plans to offer scholarships to graduating public high school seniors again next year as well.

Chris Macomber, CEO of The Brand Agency, recently congratulated the students on their achievements and wished them well as they begin training for their careers.

“We are proud to sponsor these scholarships this year with AZEdNews we want to wish you all the success in your going future,” Macomber said.

“We know the end of this year was tough, but we know you’re going to be successful as you continue on in your journey,” Macomber said.

Brighton Watson graduated from Pinnacle High School in Paradise Valley Unified School District and plans to study genetics, genomics and biotechnology and minor in graphic design.

“I got a job working at a pool in the City of Phoenix this summer, but the current COVID-19 climate has changed things for everyonone. The money I was going to be making this summer is up in the air at the moment,” Watson said in her scholarship entry video.

“This scholarship would really help me because I am the oldest of six kids,” Watson said. “I have a goal to put as little financial burden on my parents as possible so they can more easily pursue higher education as well.”

“I’m using my AZEdNews scholarship to go to Brigham Young University in Utah, and I’m super excited. Thank you so much,” Watson said.

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