Sai Malreddy and Jaime Prendiville

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2 PV Students Named Co-Champions of the Maricopa County Regional II Spelling Bee

Friday , February 19 , 2021

Congratulations Co-Champions of the Maricopa County Regional II Spelling Bee - Sai Malreddy and Jaime Prendiville

Sai Malreddy, a sixth-grader at Fireside Elementary School, and Jaime Prendiville, a sixth-grader at Desert Springs Preparatory Elementary School, are the co-champions of the Maricopa County Regional II Spelling Bee that was held on Feb. 12. Malreddy and Prendiville advance to the Arizona Spelling Bee, which will be held on March 20.

About the Co-Champions

Sai Malreddy

To prepare for the Arizona Spelling Bee, Malreddy is planning to study by reading the spelling booklet, reviewing the vocabulary if provided, and gathering respective material. Malreddy has made a list of tough words and will be reading that prior to the test.

Melreddy explains how it felt to be named as a co-champion, “I am happy that I made it so far, I hope I will get through the next round, ‘if you work hard and have perseverance you can achieve anything.’”

“He is an inspiration to our students at Fireside as the Regional Spelling Bee winner. He helps us all remember that when a task is difficult it is important to remember to conquer one step at a time. We are proud of Sai Manvik for his dedication and diligence,” said Danielle Else, principal of Fireside Elementary School.

Melreddy’s advice to other students who may participate in a spelling bee, “Just go one step at a time, I felt terrible when I saw the booklet, but I prepared one page at a time and filtered out tough words, it made it easier to review the second time.”

Jaime Prendiville

To prepare for the State Spelling Bee, Prendiville is practicing spelling by asking very close friends to throw a bunch of random words.

Prendiville was excited to be named as a co-champion of the Maricopa County Regional Spelling Bee and explained, “I was happy and excited because after the state bee comes the national bee! I felt great that I made it this far. Ms. Posner said she hasn't ever had one of her students win! It felt wonderful to have the feeling that I am the first one out of many.  But I also know there are many challenges to come!”

Prendiville’s advice for others who are studying to be in a future spelling bee,  “Just know, it takes a team to get so far.  I probably wouldn't have been able to do it without my friends' support.  It gave me the confidence I needed.  I am so glad that I am here!”

Principal Raquel Solano added, “Desert Springs Preparatory is proud to have Jaime Prendiville representing our school and district. Jaime works hard, perseveres, and shows us what it means to be a hawk!”

About the Arizona Spelling Bee

The Arizona Spelling Bee is hosted annually by the Arizona Educational Foundation. This year,  27 students from across the state will compete to determine who will represent Arizona in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

PVSchools wishes both students the best of luck at the Arizona Spelling Bee.