Volunteer at PVSchools

PVSchools is the only school district in Arizona with a volunteer program that is certified by Points of Light as a Service Enterprise*.  Volunteer in Paradise (VIP) is an award-winning program that invites members of the community to serve its students by providing one-on-one and small-group tutoring in reading and math. PVSchools also offers a wide variety of other volunteer opportunities across its many sites, which include 25 preschools, 28 elementary schools, one K-8 grade school, seven middle schools (grades 7-8), 5 high schools (grades 9-12), two alternative schools and one online school.

Join our team as a Volunteer via:

  • Classroom assistance (aka site volunteering) for parents and grandparents wishing to support their child’s teacher;

  • Field trip chaperoning for parents, grandparents and community members wishing to support teachers during class trips;

  • Volunteer In Paradise (VIP) tutoring for community members who want to provide mentoring and instruction to students in math and reading, grades PreKindergarten through 8 (read more about VIP); or

  • Volunteer coaching for individuals wishing to supporting our student-athletes.

Site Volunteers

Site Volunteers always work under the direct supervision of the professional staff at the school site, and only with those teachers who have requested the services of a volunteer. Site Volunteers are asked to review the guidelines, procedures and responsibilities in the online Volunteer Handbook.

Site Volunteering Opportunities

  • Classroom instructional volunteer

  • Classroom assistance volunteer

  • Clerical assistance
  • Health office assistant
  • Library / Media Center volunteer

Who Can Apply to Be a Site Volunteer?

A Site Volunteer is a parent, stepparent, legal guardian or grandparent who has a student at the school where he/she wishes to volunteer. If you wish to volunteer at the district-level rather than at a school contact the Human Resources Department at (602) 449-2177.

How Do You Apply to Be a Site Volunteer?

School sites will have the volunteer forms. Please visit the school site at which you wish to volunteer, and complete the Site Volunteer Application and the Site Volunteer Agreement.

School Chaperones/Community Volunteers/Volunteer Coaches

School chaperones perform an invaluable service, providing for the safety of students attending events and on field trips. Any individual such as a parent, step-parent, legal guardian, grandparent or relative is eligible to be a school chaperone after a background screening. Chaperones will be fingerprinted and must agree to a background check.

Who Are Our Chaperones/Community Volunteers/Volunteer Coaches?

  • Chaperone: Parent, Guardian or Grandparent of a student who’s volunteering at student’s school and will be alone with students on local or overnight field trip.
  • Community Volunteer: Person who DOES NOT have a student or grandchild at school volunteering at.
  • Volunteer Coach: Person who will volunteer with athletics whether or not he/she has a student or grandchild at the school they help out at.

How Do I Apply to Be a Chaperone/Community Volunteer/Volunteer Coach?

  1. Go to our job search site.
  2. Search for "Volunteer" or "Chaperone" under Job Listings.
  3. Click on "Volunteer: Chaperone/Community Volunteer/Coach."
  4. Click on the "Apply for this Position" button.
  5. Create a login and password.

Volunteer in Paradise (VIP)

*Achieving the Points of Light certification signifies that VIP has the capability and management expertise to strategically use volunteers to improve the performance of the organization. VIP joins the top 11 percent of nonprofits nationwide in volunteer management and organizational performance, making PVSchools the only school district with a program in Arizona to hold this prestigious distinction. The rigorous process took 12 months to complete, and entailed partnering with Arizona State University's Lodestar Center, whivh provided coaching and training to the VIP Administrator and the Leadership Team. VIP will be up for recertification in 2024.

Learn More About the VIP Program

United Parent Council/PTOs

Get involved in the parent-teacher organization at your school. The district works closely with the United Parent Council, a coalition of all PTOs district-wide that has regular dialog with governing board members and the superintendent.

Visit the United Parent Council website.