Public Surplus

Paradise Valley Unified School District works diligently to reassign surplus property to other schools and department. Occasionally, unused or obsolete items are disposed of using the methods described in R7-2-1131 Material Management and Disposition of the Arizona Administrative Code including the use of internet-based online sales.

Items are listed for a period of not less than 14 days for each internet-based online sale during which persons may submit offers to purchase the specified materials. Public is our provider of internet-based online sales.

Visit the Public Surplus site

To register as a buyer with Public Surplus, simply click "Register" under the "Register to Become Part of Public Surplus" heading on the Home screen. Follow the instructions as indicated. To browse items for sale specific to Paradise Valley Unified School District, click "Select Region" and choose Arizona under the "Browse Auctions within Area" heading on the Home Screen. Then click "Select Agency" and choose "Paradise Valley Unified School District".

The District's terms and conditions for online sales is stated on the Public Surplus bid listing.