All Arizona students are permitted to attend any public school of their choice – even if the school is outside their district attendance area or outside their district of residence. PVSchools allows students from anywhere in the state to enroll with us based on individual school availability.

Open Enrollment applications for the 2020-21 school year will be accepted beginning on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications prior to this date. There are two rounds for open enrollment: early bird and final.  Please see below for schools that have closures for open enrollment.

Early Bird Round

The Early Bird Round, which is for families residing within, as well as outside district boundaries begins on Tuesday, September 3 and concludes on Monday, December 2, 2019. All early bird applications received will be processed and parents/guardians notified via email prior to winter break.

The Early Bird Round is NOT first-come first-served. Everyone applying between September 3 and December 2 has the same opportunity for acceptance.  

Final Round

The Final Round, which is for out-of-district families ONLY, begins Tuesday, December 3 and concludes on Tuesday, January 21. Applications received during this time frame will be processed and accepted or denied based on remaining space availability at the requested school. Please note that there may be additional closures by December 2. Applicants will be notified via email in February.

Applications received after December 2 but prior to January 21 will be processed and accepted or denied based on remaining space availability at the requested school.  Please note that there may be additional school closures by December 2.

Out-of-district parents that miss the open enrollment deadlines still have an opportunity to apply by contacting the school of their choice to inquire about space availability for enrollment.

Out-of-district students are responsible for transportation to and from school.

Additional Important Information

Boy And Girl Smiling Outside Of Campo Bello Elementary EntranceStudents currently enrolled in one of our PVSchools under Open Enrollment do not need to reapply if they are remaining at the same school.

Per Governing Board policy, students currently on open enrollment and wishing to continue through their elementary, middle or high school feeder system DO NOT need to reapply when entering 7th grade or 9th grade providing they choose to attend the middle school or high school in their current feeder system. They just need to notify their current school (commitment letters to be sent from schools in November) that they wish to continue in their current feeder system.

If a school other than the feeder school is selected, parents will need to complete an Open Enrollment application. Some middle schools feed to more than one high school so it’s imperative that the current school office knows the feeder choice before December 2. Incoming siblings of currently attending open-enrolled students must apply for Open Enrollment but will be given priority status.   

Where to Submit the Open Enrollment Application Form

Parents should only submit the one-page Open Enrollment Application Form (download the form) for the next school year to:

Elementary (K-6)

Fax: 602-449-2094

Secondary (7-12)

Fax: 602-449-2094

Alternatively, applications can be mailed or dropped off to the PVSchools District Administrative Center, 15002 N. 32nd St., Phoenix. Completed forms may also be dropped off to your school of choice.

By signing/submitting an Open Enrollment Application Form, the student and parent/guardian agree to comply with all policies and regulations of the Paradise Valley Schools including standards for conduct and attendance.

Schools Closed for Open Enrollment for the 2020-21 School Year

Elementary Schools:

Wildfire Elementary and Fireside Elementary are open for kindergarten, but closed for all other grades. 

After Dec 2, 2019, kindergarten at Wildfire and Fireside will be closed to all in-district applicants. For out-of-district applicants, enrollment will close on January 21, 2020. 

Middle Schools:

Desert Shadows Middle and Explorer Middle are closed for open enrollment for grade 8. Applications for grade 7 will be accepted based upon availability. 

High Schools:

Pinnacle High School is closed for open enrollment for grades 10, 11, and 12. Applications for grade 9 will be accepted based upon availability. 

Open Enrollment Assistance

For assistance with the Open Enrollment process, please call or email:

Elementary (K-6)

Tera Sorenson
(602) 449-2095

Secondary (7-12)

Stephanie Machas
(602) 449-2097